The Truth...?

Our journey in the pet supply industry began in 2017. We witnessed many brands blend fresh ingredients with artificial flavors, fillers, and preservatives, to form less nutritious and cheaper kibble and biscuits to sell to their customers. We were astonished by the methods used to produce pet treats and food. Though wrapped in beautiful packages, these treats are often cheap and unclean inside.

As pet parents ourselves, we couldn’t accept "the truth", and couldn’t stop thinking, “There has to be something better.” When it comes to food quality, we never compromise, and we knew we could do better!

Our Freeze-dried Treats

Arya Sit!

That’s when AryaSit! was born. The years of experience and resources we have had in the pet supply industry enabled us to source the finest raw ingredients around the world at affordable prices. All our products are 100% natural using a single ingredient with -35°F freeze-drying process, packaged in a clear jar, and delivered to you directly - no additional process, no additions. It is that simple! My dog Arya would always sit and give her paws for those delicious treats!

At AryaSit, we value clean ingredients, especially when it comes to food. For us, the ingredients are our recipe for success. Each product must meet our rigorous standards for quality, freshness, and nutritional value, ensuring our pets receive the care they deserve!

Our Freeze-drying Process