Our Freeze-drying Process

Our Freeze-drying Process

Freeze-dried pet food has fast become a popular choice for pet parents among the massive range of pet food products on the market. Freeze-dried pet food has also become the best alternative and replacement to raw food. So what is the freeze-dried process, and why is freeze-dried pet food good for your pets?

What is the freeze-drying process?

Freeze-dried dog food is made of raw nutritional ingredients like beef, salmon, chicken, and more frozen at peak freshness. During this freeze-drying process, all the moisture in the food is drawn out. Therefore, nutrient retention is a significant benefit of freeze-drying raw ingredients. In addition, because the freeze-dried process does not use high temperatures, freeze-dried dog food retains the original nutrients in natural, high-quality whole-food ingredients.

What are the benefits of freeze-dried food for your pets?

👩‍🍳 Keeps the original taste of the food

👩‍🍳Locks 90% of the nutrition

👩‍🍳Uses minimal processing with no additions, fillers, and preservatives

👩‍🍳Works as a topper for dry pet food

How the raw ingredient is processed is the key to its bioavailability. For example, if the food is processed at high temperatures, as typically found in kibble production, the proteins available in the raw ingredient may degrade and become less digestible.

How to include freeze-dried food as part of your pet’s diet?

If you’re wondering what to feed a picky dog, freeze-dried food is an excellent choice. Freeze-dried pet food tastes delicious, so it’s likely to tempt your picky eater more than other foods.

Freeze-dried food can be fed as a treat or food topper as part of a healthy diet. Mixing some freeze-dried food into your pet’s regular meals will supply the nutrients of freeze-dried food while keeping their meal routine the same. You can also incorporate freeze-dried food as a daily reward for good behavior and/or training.

We believe in transparency in the manufacturing process, especially when it comes to food. Our focus on food quality, ethical sourcing, and sustainability help us provide your furry friend with the best quality food possible. When it comes to food quality, we never compromise!

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